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Phishing gets more Sophishticated

2019-12-13T00:48:01+00:00Categories: Uncategorized|

‘Tis the season for hot cocoa, holiday shopping and increased phishing attempts from those trying to separate you from your hard-earned money. In the cyber-security field, it’s a well-known fact that the holidays are prime time for hackers and cyber criminals to target their prey to gain unauthorized entry into their computers and accounts. The attackers know that emails containing [...]

Of DEF CON and Data Dumps

2019-05-29T23:33:33+00:00Categories: Uncategorized|

Whether it be a convention for musicians, scrapbookers, or food chefs, most of us have at some point attended a large-scale event that brings people together around a common hobby or professional affiliation. DEF CON is such an event … for hackers. Well, not quite. DEF CON—while considered the world’s largest hacker convention—attracts everyone from students and employees [...]

When is an image not an image? When it’s a shell!

2019-02-13T21:42:06+00:00Categories: Threat Intel|

Securing online systems is tough work. A web design shop is learning this lesson the hard way. I was recently reviewing some traffic from one of our DET3CT appliances and came across a domain that I wanted to know more about. VirusTotal is a great resource for this so I started there. After plugging in the domain this is what [...]

Another One Bites The Dust

2018-12-23T02:30:54+00:00Categories: Security Talk|

This holiday season give the gift of harvested credentials! It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Santa, who is most definitely real, stopped by the office early this year and dropped off a present in the form of another phishing attempt. If you haven’t read my last post involving a fake banking site you can check it out here. [...]

Phishing Expedition

2018-11-20T23:25:43+00:00Categories: Security Talk|

Phishing can come in a couple different forms. It can be an email campaign where the sender spoofs the from address to look like that of a company’s CEO. The unsuspecting administrative staff receives an urgent request to go to the nearest Apple store and purchase thousands of dollars worth of iTunes gift cards for a prospective new client.  [...]

Cryptominer Hunting

2018-10-01T20:44:14+00:00Categories: Threat Intel|

Cryptomining malware is a form of malware that uses energy and resources of compromised devices to mine cyrptocurrency.  Unsuspecting computer users and enterprise level server administrators are mining cryptocurrency for others right now and they don’t even know they’re doing so. If it were me I’d want my cut! Let’s learn more about this type of malware and how [...]

Three new exploits added to recently discovered Mirai variant

2018-09-10T22:35:18+00:00Categories: Threat Intel|

A new variant of the Mirai botnet malware has been found in the wild. Security researchers and the tech savvy may remember the original Mirai botnet which was discovered in August of 2016. It was responsible for turning Linux based machines (mostly IP cameras and routers) into a large network of remotely controlled devices which were attributed to notable [...]

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