Cryptominer Hunting

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Cryptomining malware is a form of malware that uses energy and resources of compromised devices to mine cyrptocurrency.  Unsuspecting computer users and enterprise level server administrators are mining cryptocurrency for others right now and they don’t even know they’re doing so. If it were me I’d want my cut! Let’s learn more about this type of malware and how [...]

Three new exploits added to recently discovered Mirai variant

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A new variant of the Mirai botnet malware has been found in the wild. Security researchers and the tech savvy may remember the original Mirai botnet which was discovered in August of 2016. It was responsible for turning Linux based machines (mostly IP cameras and routers) into a large network of remotely controlled devices which were attributed to notable [...]

Malicious Ads remain a large threat to Organizations

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So far, 2018 is shaping up to be a year in which malicious advertising is growing and spreading throughout the web. Threats are becoming more and more sophisticated, with home and corporate web surfers being tricked into clicking on innocent looking ads and unknowingly installing malware on their computers, or triggering other kinds of attacks. Many people and companies haven’t [...]

Serious weakness discovered in WPA2 protocol used to secure all Wi-Fi networks

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This blog post was written for rapid release. Please check back for further details and updates as it becomes available. A serious weakness in WPA2 was discovered and published this morning here, which allows an attacker within wireless range to exploit this weakness using a Key Reinstallation Attack (KRACKS). This discovery can be leveraged by potential attackers to capture encrypted [...]

DDoS Pearl Bot Unravelling with EPSTACK

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Threat hunting provides us with threat intelligence data on potential attacks and allows us to stay ahead of the cat and mouse game of cybersecurity. By understanding emerging threats, we are better able to protect our critical assets. elevatedprompt utilizes a multi-layer approach to proactive cyber defence, and by leveraging of our log management and threat intelligence platform – EPSTACK, we are [...]

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