Microsoft has released a critical security update patching five critical Vulnerabilities in the Font Library of the Microsoft Graphics component. The vulnerabilities affect all currently supported versions of Windows. Microsoft was able to develop and release patches before the vulnerabilities were publicly disclosed, and has released a notice addressing the following CVE’s:


The vulnerabilities exist in the Font handler of the Microsoft Graphics component. Attackers could leverage this vulnerability to gain full control of the system including creating new user accounts or remote code execution. The vulnerability could be exploited over the web, or contained in a specially crafted document.

It is critical that administrators update their environments, as the vulnerabilities are easy to exploit, require no user privileges or interaction, and can be exploited over the web or locally. An attacker could host the vulnerability on a website, causing any user browsing on an un-patched Microsoft browser to be exploited. The attacker would need to convince a user to browse the site or redirect a user from another site. Attackers could also exploit these vulnerabilities by sending a specially crafted document, designed to exploit the vulnerability. A user account with fewer privileges would be impacted less when compared to a full Administrator.


Microsoft has released a security update which corrects the way external fonts are handled by the graphics component, and updates were made available on April 10th. Specific patch information for your Windows version can be found at the link below.


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