Security Monitoring & Threat Detection

Our team of security analysts will monitor your network traffic for threats and suspicious events with our DET3CT solution, equipped with advanced multi-layer detection engines. Receive real alerts on real threats.

Enterprise Event Management

Highly customizable and scalable solution for collecting, aggregating and analyzing your security events. Fast searches, visualizations, and dashboards to empower your organizations without all the licensing costs.

Vulnerability Management

Identify risks and exposures to your critical digital systems. Detect and mitigate vulnerabilities to improve your overall security posture. PENETRATION TESTING provides a proactive approach to discovering attack surfaces, exposing and understand the risk of a real attack.

Incident Response

Leverage our expertise and playbooks to help you form an incident response plan and strategy. Professional and experienced incident responders to aid with investigating potential security incidents or a full compromising breach.

Threat Intelligence

Incorporate external information specific to your organization, adding context to your security events. Learn the attackers’ tactics techniques and procedures, giving you the advantage to defend your organization from threats.

Why Choose Us

  • Threat intelligence integration

  • Threat Prevention via early detection

  • Continuously adapt as the threat landscape evolves

  • Solutions that safeguard against cyber threats

  • Gain visibility and mitigate your business risks