Modern Security Monitoring and Improved Threat Detection

  • Could you tell if your network is compromised today?

  • Are there threats in your network now?

  • How would you know before it’s too late?

Cyber crime is a rapidly growing problem for companies globally.  The tools and techniques used by attackers are increasingly complex and constantly evolving.

Your reputation is important, and your company data and customer information is vital to your business. Data loss costs you time and money. Customer confidence and business reputation can be at risk as a result of a cyber attack.

Let ElevatedPrompt help safeguard your corporate data and information assets. Our proprietary Threat DET3CT appliance plugs into your environment and monitors all network traffic 24/7. Any anomalies will be flagged and examined by our experienced security analysts, who will alert you when a genuine threat is detected.

Threats Companies Face Today

  • Viruses and malware

  • Ransomware

  • Unauthorized authentication attempts and access

  • Denial of service attacks

  • Suspicious and anomalous network activities and behavior

  • Targeted scans and attacks

  • Insider threats and advanced persistent threats

DET3CT Highlights & Features

  • Threat intelligence aided Security Monitoring and Threat Detection Service

  • Security analysts validated events and alerting

  • Reduce mean time to detection

  • Threat hunting service

  • Trending and behavior analysis

  • Advanced heuristics

  • Malware & Virus detection

  • Cutting-edge Intrusion detection & protocol analyzer

  • Deception technology ready

  • Integrates with EPSTACK for end-to-end security monitoring

Our DET3CT appliance combines threat intelligence data with advanced heuristics and cutting edge network analysis methods, forming a next generation threat detection engine that we use to monitor your egress and ingress points for any anomalous or malicious traffic. Our team of security analysts will review and validate suspicious security events and behavior, and only alert you when there is a real threat.