Centralized Big Data Solution For All Your Security Events

  • Are you overwhelmed with the amount of data you must collect?

  • Struggling with all the different tools and their complicated setups?

  • Looking for a way to manage, correlate and visualize your data with fast search capabilities?

Having a scalable event management solution will help you gain visibility into your systems and networks. This will provide you platform to enhance your threat detection and the ability to address security issues quickly. It will also give you forensics data that can be used to aid in security investigations.

EPSTACK is an enterprise event management platform designed with you in mind. Don’t compromise on collecting your data due to complexity or pricing. Our solution provides you full management and support of your event management platform. Our security analysts will monitor your EPSTACK and security events, alerting you of any genuine threats or security incidents.

EPSTACK is highly customizable and scalable. It leverages industry leading Elasticsearch platform, providing you an enterprise class big data solution with real-time analysis of your events. It supports a wide variety of input sources for better aggregation and correlation of your events and your data.

Data Sources and Inputs

  • Threat intelligence data feeds

  • Windows event logs

  • Syslog

  • Firewall logs

  • IPS events

  • Netflow

  • Deception technology

  • Application and web logs

  • and more…

EPSTACK Highlights & Features

  • Centralized enterprise class big data event management solution

  • Aggregate, normalize, analyze and correlate security events

  • Support of wide variety of data sources and inputs

  • Quick and reliable searches

  • Dashboarding, visualization and alerting

  • Fully managed and supported

  • Scalable and customizable

  • Integrates with DET3CT for a unified threat management solution

EPSTACK offers quick and reliable search capabilities and dashboard visualizations; aiding you in continuous monitoring of your environment; providing you a platform that can be used for incident response and security investigations.