Why is visibility so important?2017-03-07T02:53:41+00:00

cybersecurity visibility Having full visibility into all events on your networks provides a complete, meaningful context of your network traffic. This allows for better security monitoring and threat detection. Much like a home alarm system, it is only effective if all the possible entry points are monitored. If you only check the front entrance and leave out the windows or side entrances, you will not be able to prevent intrusion.
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What types of threats do you detect and look for?2017-03-07T03:01:01+00:00

Our threat detection looks for all types of threats and anomalies. It can range from traditional malware and viruses; insider threats; advanced persistent threats; and stealthy attacks.

Is DET3CT just a security monitoring appliance?2017-03-07T03:05:31+00:00

DET3CT is a security monitoring service. There is an appliance that gets deployed that will monitor your network traffic, but our value to you is our security service. We provide expert security analysts that will actively review your traffic for threats. We also review and validate any alerts and only provide you genuine alerts of real threats and anomalous events.

How do we get alerted of threats and anomalies?2017-03-07T03:07:48+00:00

Once a threat or anomaly is detected and validated, our team of security analysts will provide you an alert in the form of email or via Telegram alert. We can work with our clients and provide additional alerting methods as well. Along with the alerts, we provide details and context to the detected threats and provide remediation guidance.

Do you provide reports for DET3CT and EPSTACK?2017-03-07T03:09:40+00:00

As part of our monthly service, ElevatedPrompt provides monthly reports and summary of detected threats and events that were investigated.

Is there any licensing cost for DET3CT and EPSTACK?2017-03-07T03:11:25+00:00

There are no complicated licensing cost. ElevatedPrompt provides a complete solution and that includes the managed service as well as the support of DET3CT or EPSTACK.  

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