Make Sure Your Security Stands Up

  • If a cybercriminal wants to gain access to your systems or applications, how would they accomplish this?

  • Would your security stand up to such an attack?

  • If a system or application was compromised, what information could be accessed?

Ensuring your security capabilities stand up to the test

When a cybercriminal wants to access your systems or applications — will your security capabilities stand up to the attack?

With Penetration Testing, our security professionals identify any flaws or gaps in your systems and processes. Using offensive security and real-life scenarios, we pinpoint and manage business risks and potential impacts. Our proactive approach is executed by security analysts trained in offensive tactics and techniques used by attackers.

Get a comprehensive understanding of:

  • How adversaries can evade safeguards and compromise systems or personnel undetected
  • The real impact of the compromises in terms of a breach of company data, economic loss, or damages to company reputation

Potential attacks used by adversaries are not only limited to vulnerabilities and exposures via the Internet. Organizations may face various threats such as:

  • Physical breach
  • Social engineering
  • Spear-phishing
  • Email scams
  • Insider threats such as untrained users or corporate espionage.

Our methodology can improve an organization’s awareness of vulnerabilities in software, hardware, processes, and training. Our analysts then provide recommendations on how to enhance your security and help formulate a strategy to better prevent cyber threats.

We also have the capabilities to test against non-IT systems such as:

  • Industrial control systems
  • RFID – Radio Frequency IDentification and wireless systems
  • Internet-connected devices

The Benefits:

  • A proactive approach and real-world threat simulation of gaps in systems, applications, processes and personnel
  • Identify what access and information can be gained by potential attackers if vulnerabilities are exploited
  • Penetration testing of IT and non-IT systems including industrial control systems and RFIDs
  • Industry-leading penetration testing of hardware and internet connected devices
  • Simulate an attack on your critical systems

  • Real-life scenarios to help you identify and manage business risks and impact

  • Discover what information and access can be gained